The fabulous testimony of a survivor: A piece of chocolate full of love!

hen giving a talk, a woman offers Francine a piece of chocolate. Testimony of the reunion full of love and emotion of two Jewish women survivors of a death camp.

- What is the value of two small squares of chocolate?

- Not a lot, is it?

- What value is a lit match?

- Even less …

But when the match is lit in the midst of darkness, then it is only seen and the darkness recedes.

And when two little squares of chocolate are given with a lot of love by an 8 year old little girl to a gaunt woman who has just given birth in a concentration camp, then they are worth gold!

And when, years later, the baby who has become an adult offers chocolate to the one who had so kindly given up her squares of chocolate, then it is like a big sun that lights up!

Discover the magnificent testimony of Francine, survivor of the Bergen-Belsen camp.

 Elisabeth dugas

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