The fabulous story of the pastor of American Presidents

The most famous American evangelical preacher of the 1918th century, Billy Graham (2018-XNUMX) carried the Good News of Christ to the four corners of the world. A film traces the astonishing destiny of this North Carolina farmer's son who will become the friend and confidant of the greatest of this planet. The documentary, proposed by SAJE distribution and available on DVD and VOD, is rich in astonishing archive images and tells the extraordinary life of the preacher thanks to the numerous testimonies of those who knew him.

A man from the Bible

Nothing predestined Billy Graham to such a career: raised on a modest farm in North Carolina, he was to become one of the most famous preachers in modern history. He had the ear of the powerful of this world, especially American presidents.

He will walk alongside Martin Luther King in the name of racial equality, he will become the friend of Pope John Paul II, he will even go so far as to preach behind the iron curtain to announce the Gospel to those thirsty for living justice. under the communist yoke.

A messenger who touched the whole world, the rare archive images, the interviews with members of his family, his friends, former American presidents or famous television hosts, allow us to discover a man who gave his life to announce Christ. So much so that the faith and tireless zeal of Billy Graham became proverbial

A modern-day missionary

Preaching to more than 215 million people in 185 countries throughout his ministry, Billy Graham had a profound impact on the second half of the XNUMXth century.

Impressive missionary who knew how to touch hearts and minds, we will discover throughout the documentary his life and his exceptional message: his simple and direct proclamation of the Gospel, centered on the Kerygma - this heart of the faith which brings us together, whatever or our Christian confession: “Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Son of God. He died and rose again to save us from death and sin. We are witnesses to it. In turn, turn to him and offer your life to him. He knew how to express it with a passion, a power and a fervor to move mountains, filling entire stadiums.

In line with the first disciples of Jesus, who evangelized the Mediterranean basin by proclaiming this same kerygma (as we discover when reading the Acts of the Apostles), Billy Graham never ceased throughout his life to repeat tirelessly this fundamental profession of faith with, as a result, unimaginable conversions.

To realize this force of persuasion guided by the Holy Spirit, the DVD offers as a bonus a complete sermon by Billy Graham given in 1973 in Johannesburg in South Africa, entitled "God loves you" (33 minutes fully subtitled in French). A document rich in lessons for those who want to return to the heart of the proclamation of the Gospel, or learn to master the basics of evangelization...

1 – Billy Graham preaching to over a million people in Seoul, South Korea in 1973.

2 – Billy Graham and Martin Luther King Jr in Chicago in 1962.

3 – Billy Graham receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded by President Ronald Reagan in Washington DC in 1983.

Discover the unshakable faith of Billy Graham on DVD in all bookstores, on Saje Distribution and in VOD on The Christian Film.

Jean Damien Bouyer

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