The extraordinary restoration of the mother of the author of the Polytechnique massacre in Montreal

When Monique Lépine learns that a massacre took place at the Polytechnique de Montréal, she is upset. When she goes to the prayer meeting, she is prompted to ask for prayer for the mother of this young man who coldly killed 14 students, before taking her own life. These events took place in Quebec on December 6, 1989.

Lhe next morning, at his work, the killing is on everyone's lips and in all thoughts. The manager curtly asks him for an interview. On her phone, she discovers many messages from friends and family and understands that the young killer is none other than her son.

“I could never have imagined it was my son. "

This mother, nurse, Christian for 8 years, devoted her whole life to her two children, courageously raising them alone following the departure of the father.

Taken directly from her work to the police station, by agents, Monique is questioned, assailed with questions. Investigators want to understand.

“I wanted to leave to mourn my pain, but I couldn't. "

The times that followed were marked by shame and isolation. She no longer says her full name, uses her mother's surname to preserve herself, to work, to continue living in spite of everything.

“When my son committed this gesture, I was pierced through my whole being… The one you carried becomes a criminal, a recluse from society. Mother of a criminal… There the anguish comes. "

And the guilt, because his son only attacked girls. Was this gesture ultimately directed at her, she thought.

And then, Monique chooses to turn to her other child, her daughter who is in deep discomfort is also in shame. She lets herself be influenced by friends and gradually falls into drugs, cocaine and very quickly the cycle of prostitution.

Until the day when, 7 years after the massacre and the death of her son, the police went to the home of the devastated mother. Her daughter is in the hospital between life and death. She died 6 hours later.

“My life was devoted to my two children, and I no longer had any…. I was a broken vessel, I had no taste for anything, I could have let myself die without eating. "

She remains locked up and only goes out to go to church. One Sunday morning, she feels herself wavering, leans on her neighbor and makes this request.

"If I fall, drop me on the ground, I don't want any cardiopulmonary resuscitation. "

While she was fainting, Monique Lépine heard a voice talking to her:

"Who makes your heart beat? "

“It's you Lord. "

She then sees two paths, one leading to death and the other to life. Did the Lord suggest that she choose the path she wanted to take?

“Lord, with your grace, I choose life to help people like me who are suffering. "

Monique came to her senses and "doors of restoration, of reconstruction have opened".

“Jesus does not leave us alone… I looked for my heavenly father who takes care of the widow and the orphan…. Without Jesus, I would not have survived both tragedies. "


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