Christian doctor Mukwege soon in the cinema in "The man who repairs women"

Sakharov PrizeSakharov Prize 2014, nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize, Doctor Denis Mukwege is internationally known. Her job: Repairing women. A trained gynecologist, Dr. Mukwege repairs thousands of women raped during 20 years of conflict in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dr Mukwege, evangelical Christian and son of a pastor, could have stayed in France where he was educated and where he enjoyed a comfortable salary. However, he decided to return to his country to "repair the women" who were victims of rape.

In conflict zones, battles are fought over the bodies of women. We see what even the eye of a surgeon cannot get used to seeing.

Aged 8 when he accompanied his father to the sick in his parish, he was surprised that no treatment was given to the sick. His father explained to him that he was a pastor and not a doctor and that he could only "pray for the sick". Young Denis Mukwege made the decision that day to become a doctor:

I explained to my father that he was going to continue praying, but that I was going to become a doctor, and that I would administer injections to the sick.

mukwege-movie-posterThis documentary film, directed by Thierry Michel and Colette Braeckman, traces the journey of this man with an exceptional destiny to publicize the sexual barbarism of which women are victims in eastern Congo, where rape is used as a weapon of war.

It is not only about rape but about massacres and ravages on the genitals of women, but also of little girls and even babies. This poignant film includes scenes that are difficult to support, some spectators have cracked ... This truth, as hard as it is, must nevertheless be told to the world.

“The damage is the work of the sexes but also of objects, sharp or not. Many women go through several surgeries that do not always guarantee that they will be able to give birth. "

His fight to put an end to these atrocities and to make them known to the whole world is disturbing. Threatened with death, he miraculously escaped an assassination attempt at the end of 2012. He lives confined in his hospital in Bukavu, under the protection of the blue helmets. The many women to whom he has restored their physical integrity and dignity fight alongside him, thirsting for justice and peace.

“Our country is sick, but together with the other countries of the world, we are going to cure it. "

"The man who repairs women" has been banned from broadcasting in the Democratic Republic of Congo.



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