The conflict in Ukraine “overwhelms the population” according to the International Red Cross

While 100 Russian soldiers have been deployed on the Ukrainian border, the International Red Cross recalls that "the humanitarian needs of the people in Ukraine must not be neglected or forgotten".

Tensions are high between Washington and Moscow as 100 Russian troops have been deployed for an invasion on Ukraine's border, according to Europe and the United States. An intention denied by Russia.

According to the French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, France pleads for a direct dialogue between the European Union and Russia on the security architecture in Europe. It is necessary that “we as a European Union […] have proposals, an organized, regular dialogue with Russia, while being firm”, he affirmed.

If he considers that Vladimir Putin, Russian President, favors dialogue with the Americans, recalling the time of the Cold War, he adds that "what we must do is remain united as Westerners, be present in as Europeans". “Is the European Union doing enough? “, he continues before adding, “probably not today”.

On Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron had already called for a dialogue between the European Union and Russia on "a new security order in Europe".

“We had to build it between Europeans, then share it with our allies within the framework of NATO, then then propose it to Russia for negotiation. »

Le International Committee of the Red Cross, which provides humanitarian assistance to people affected by conflict, is on both sides of the conflict zone. The organization affirms that "the humanitarian needs of the people in Ukraine must not be overlooked or forgotten as the conflict in the east of the country continues to have a heavy impact on many families".

The Red Cross denounces a conflict that “overwhelms the population both personally and psychologically and emotionally”.

“Death and injury are part of the daily life of families, who are often separated and endure severe mental suffering linked to violence and insecurity. It is now difficult, if not impossible, to perform the most basic tasks of daily life, as critical infrastructure has been damaged – including by explosive weapons – resulting in frequent cuts and shortages of water, gas and electricity. »

Gérard Araud, former ambassador of France to the United States, was on Sunday at the microphone of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, on Europe 1. He reminds us, “war is still possible on our continent”.

“I'm sure a lot of young listeners don't understand because they think war is impossible in Western Europe. I deeply believe that war is possible on our continent, and we saw it elsewhere in Yugoslavia, we saw what happened two hours by plane from Paris. […] The war can come back. »

What exactly does Vladimir Putin want? According to , "no one knows for sure".

“The movements of troops, tanks, trucks we see them […] From there to say what exactly Vladimir Putin wants, what Russia wants, we have to be careful. Nobody knows exactly. »

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