The Marchons Enfants collective requests a postponement of the examination of the bioethics bill

The Marchons Enfants collective requests the postponement of the second reading examination of the bioethics bill.

Hier, the collective Walk Children was giving a press conference in front of the Ministry of Health. Believing that the conditions for a peaceful and democratic public debate are not met, the collective asks for the report the second reading examination in the National Assembly of bioethics bill expected in a few days and announced on June 16.

The organization The strike for all considers "incomprehensible" the decision to include the bioethics bill on the agenda of the extraordinary session of the National Assembly.

“At a time when we are facing an unprecedented health crisis, with legitimate concerns about a new wave like the situation in China, Central America, the United States or the Middle East, how can we explain the government's rush to relaunch the bioethics bill. Is this the response expected by the French to this unprecedented crisis to which is added today a major economic and social crisis, requiring the mobilization of the government and its majority to urgently provide appropriate responses? "

The organization advances the priorities of the French, focused on employment, purchasing power, the health system and the environment. She also evokes the "major economic and social crisis" which requires "the mobilization of the government and its majority", and criticizes hasty delays.

“Announced on June 16 at the conference of presidents of the National Assembly, the second reading examination of the bioethics bill will start at the end of the month in committee. The deputies have only a few days to study the text largely revised by the Senate and to propose their amendments which will be debated in committee. It is a process which is not up to the text and which reflects a rush of the majority. Members will not have the time necessary to work on this file, the complexity of which everyone agrees and the fact that it touches the intimate. This is the reason why all parliamentary groups have left the freedom to vote to deputies at first reading. The problem is that the public debate will be severely cut. "

Ludovine de La Rochère, president of La Manif Pour Tous, requests a postponement of the examination to second reading.

“With the representatives of the unitary associative movement gathered under the label 'Marchons Enfants', I solemnly request the postponement of the examination in second reading to the National Assembly. Its maintenance would be a denial of democracy. There are still a few days left for the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the majority to regain a foothold in real life and confirm the postponement, at least when the sanitary conditions allow the full exercise of democracy on issues of society that affect to the intimate. "

Caroline Roux, deputy general manager ofVITA Alliance, member of the Marchons Enfants collective, denounces the "passage in force of the very controversial bioethics bill".

She says, “this bioethics bill poses serious risks to future generations”.

“This bioethics bill poses serious risks for future generations. It is the headlong rush towards ever more artificial procreation, which leads to a questioning of children's rights and a disruption of filiation. It is a pressure towards more selection of future generations, through the multiplication of prenatal diagnoses, with the risk of genetic discrimination and increased stigmatization of disability. It is also the crossing of serious red lines around the manipulation of humans, with the prospect of opening up to genetic modifications of the human embryo, but also the authorization of the creation of chimeras mixing animal cells with human cells. "

It calls for "the responsibility of the government and parliamentarians", for the withdrawal of the bioethics bill.

“The government cannot act as if nothing had happened: this is a new deal, the world has been weakened. Economic, social and health emergencies must be taken into account, starting this summer. We must respect the time of priorities and the time of parliamentarians, who must work on vital reforms to meet the needs of the French. This is why we are asking for the withdrawal of this bioethics bill. "


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