The CNEF takes stock of the health crisis for evangelical churches

Results of the poll carried out by the CNEF among Protestant evangelical works.

e National Council of Evangelicals of France made a survey to churches and evangelical Protestant works on the subject of health crisis of 2020. 580 Evangelical Protestant churches responded to this consultation.

Here are the results obtained via these structures.

  • 31% of the churches that responded were affected by Covid-19.
  • 72 deaths are to be deplored.
  • 3 deaths are to be deplored among the employees or volunteers of these works.
  • 1 in 5 organizations has not been able to maintain any of its actions over the past few weeks, but 1 in 3 churches has, on the contrary, carried out new actions (telephone assistance interviews, activities for children, letters to nursing homes, literacy in online, community management, Youtube broadcasts, remote animation, new mailings, daily prayer by videoconference, online events, reception of homeless people in the morning, distribution of food donations, remote pre-consultations, popular canteen).
  • Over 70% of churches have seen their income decline in recent weeks.
  • If 44% of the churches think they will resume their usual functioning "after the crisis", 20% are planning "really different things" and 6% think that "nothing will be as before".
  • When it comes to the hardships to be expected, the biggest expectation is financial hardship.
  • Churches with fewer than 50 people represent 44% of churches, but 75% of those with no more income.
  • 80% of the Protestant churches questioned use a videoconferencing tool to “make Church”.
  • 73% of churches broadcast audiovisual content on the Internet.
  • 87% of evangelical Protestant churches have started using a new digital tool due to the lockdown.
  • 31% of evangelical churches expect difficulties because of the bad image of evangelicals in France.



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