The Chosen: What if we unite for Jesus?

Thanks to The Chosen, Christians, churches, families of churches, associations and Christian organizations can unite around a common goal: to make the Savior known to as many people as possible! How it works ? We tell you a little more about this ambitious project. 

The Chosen is a television series which makes us discover the figure of Christ by starting from the secondary characters present in the Gospels and by making each of them the heroes of a series with many ramifications. While the series arrives very soon in France and will be broadcast on Canal + and on C8, we believe that it can be a vector of mobilization and unity to transmit, beyond our differences, the only name that saves.

An answer to prayer

“It all started when a friend invited me to watch The Chosen. At that time, with a few friends, we were on a fast and prayer retreat and so we started to watch together, ”explains Eric Célérier.

“We prayed for the rights to dub the series in French and for God to open doors for The Chosen to be broadcast on French TV,” continues the pastor. The IC News team, of which he is a part, then asked an American friend to make the connection with the producers of the series, a connection which went so well that their friend was hired by the team of the Chosen.

As a result, IC News obtained the rights to the series for the French language and offered to broadcast it on Canal + and C8, which was accepted. “The Chosen in French is therefore an answer to prayer and an extraordinary opportunity for the announcement of the Good News of Jesus Christ. To God be all the glory! "

Convey the message of Christ

Thanks to this incredible opportunity, it will be possible to make free screenings in churches, parishes, public places, etc. They can be followed by time for sharing the Gospel, at the choice of the organizers and a practical guide will be offered.

Creating home groups to watch the series together and encourage each other through an accompanying guide will also be a possibility, as beyond evangelism The Chosen is also a tool for discipleship. The series can also be used as a tool for Sunday schools, catechism or religious education in private schools.

An online community could also be created to share the gospel message through social networks by creating events on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc. and by promoting The Chosen app, which is free.

The Chosen is the first film adaptation in a series about the work of Jesus and how the lives of those who meet him change dramatically. It has already met with huge success around the world with more than 295 million views. We hope that it will also know how to touch France through its seven seasons.

SAJE, Alpha France, the Chemin Neuf Community, the Emmanuel Community, the First Part editions, Excaléo are already involved in this adventure and the project is in discussion with other partners such as the National Council of Evangelicals of France, the French Bible Society, the Protestant Federation of France or the Conference of Bishops of France.

So, what if we unite for Jesus? Join the movement of The Chosen ambassadors now!

Camille Westphal Perrier

Article originally published in October 2021.

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