The bible recorded for 14 billion years thanks to revolutionary technology

The preservation and transmission of knowledge has always been a concern of man. At all times, entire sections of human creativity have been destroyed and the XNUMXst century is no exception, with its share of conflicts and climatic catastrophes. The digitization of works of all kinds has therefore become a major stake in the preservation of knowledge.

UThe University of Southampton team has just taken a breakthrough in data retention by developing breakthrough technology to retain up to 360TB of data for 13,8 billion years on a piece of glass as small as 1 cm in diameter!

The data is encoded within nanostructures contained in the glass disc. Scientists use a femtosecond laser to record or read data stored on the medium that reads in five dimensions. Variations in the orientation, size, and position of the laser on the x, y, and z axes change the way light reflects off the media. These modifications are interpreted to read the data.

Among the works chosen for the experiment, the Bible was thus saved on this hard disk of quartz nanostructured in 5D, for an almost unlimited duration.

“It's very exciting to know that we have created a technology that can preserve documents and information in a way that can be passed on to future generations. "

Says Peter Kazanky in a press release from the university.

“This technology has the potential to secure the last traces of our civilization: all we have learned will not be lost. "

Discover in this video the femtosecond laser


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