An evangelist's assassination was not enough to stop his ministry in South Asia

“I won't stop telling people about Jesus. If one day I don't come home, don't worry about me. I will be with Jesus. »

The organization International Mission Board shared the story of who she calls Kahan for security reasons, a Hindu turned Christian evangelist. While on his way to a new village to evangelize, he was murdered. But his death was not enough to halt his ministry.

Kahan's story begins with a miracle, since it is carried by his neighbors that he goes for the first time in his life to a house church. He hadn't walked for 4 months.

When the Gospel was announced, Kahan was immediately convinced and became a Christian. Church members pray for his recovery. He asks if this is possible. The head of the church then replies, "we don't know, it's the work of God", before adding, "the believers have understood that God is powerful and can certainly choose to heal".

The meeting ends. The pastor goes to another house, then wonders how Kahan got home. It is quite naturally that the faithful answer him that he had returned walking.

“What touched us the most was … the nonchalant way of telling how this man got up and walked 2,5 miles (4 kilometers, editor’s note) to return home,” says Morgan Rawlings.

As soon as he was converted, Kahan went to all the houses in his village to announce the Gospel, then he went to a neighboring village to organize the showing of the film Jesus. That evening, 135 people are present. 80 will turn to Jesus.

Kahan will then open a house church and initiate discipleship training. Every week he walked miles to share his faith.

But one day, while he was going to a village, a man hit him on the head. Kahan dies of it. The suspect claims to have killed him because he "poisoned people's minds and changed their religion".

In the face of his death, the other Christians did not weaken. One of them said she preferred to “die to follow Jesus”.

“I won't stop telling people about Jesus. If one day I don't come home, don't worry about me. I will be with Jesus. »


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