The Apocalypse: An exciting book that upsets all our bearings

There is something fascinating about reading the book of Revelation. Because this book combines several dimensions which, put together, create a first-rate literary work.

The Apocalypse is first of all – this is its etymological meaning – a “revelation”. It is a revealed book, the contents of which are held to conform to a coming reality. What is the symbolic part, what is the literal part: let the theologians discuss it. The fact is that what is presented is announced to happen, really.

The Apocalypse depicts animals, characters and situations that arouse the curiosity, the imagination, and even, let's say, the fear of its readers. Winged horses, beasts with many horns, Antichrist, battle of Armageddon, everything contributes to thicken an atmosphere and a mysterious content. The same text also features very real people, humans whose existence and name are proven. Disconcerting. The reader feels that he does not have control over everything, and that he will have to let go of his bearings, his rationalism and his own experiences.

But the Apocalypse is not made only of these prophecies that some would like to qualify as science fiction. After all, doesn't the book open with the letters to the 7 churches? These churches are anchored in the writer's present, and in the past of us readers. And yet, these letters are still addressed to us, as churches, as individuals or even as civilizations.

In terms of locations too, the work is disconcerting. Some scenes are located in easily identified places. Others are located in identifiable places. Still others take place in the sky, in celestial places, even in indeterminate spaces.

Thus, this short text, which can be read in less than an hour, manages to mix and jostle in 22 chapters all our spatio-temporal landmarks and to include known and unknown elements and characters.

Therefore, understanding the text can appear difficult for anyone who is not experienced in this type of exercise.

To help you better find yourself, better imagine and better immerse yourself in this fascinating book, we offer you an excerpt from the book of the Apocalypse in manga version, in partnership with the eXcaléo marketplace and BLF Editions.

Pascal Portoukalian

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