The alleged killer of the Egyptian priest will be tried for “intentional murder”

In Egypt, the public prosecutor's office has sent the presumed assassin of the priest Arsanius Wadid to the criminal court for "intentional murder and possession of a knife".

The priest Arsanius Wadid was murdered on April 7 in the middle of the street, in Alexandria, Egypt, by Nehru Abdel-Moneim Tawfiq, aged 60 and armed with a knife. His killer was quickly arrested and legal action was immediately initiated.

Before the general prosecutor's office, Nehru Abdel-Moneim Tawfiq confessed to the murder of the priest, before retracting, claiming to no longer remember and to be suffering from a mental illness, according to information from wataninet.

The general prosecutor's office sent him to the criminal court for "intentional murder and possession of a knife".

The suspect is currently under observation in a public psychiatric hospital.

According to the forensic report, the blood found on Nehru Abdel-Moneim Tawfiq's knife is indeed that of the victim. According to the report from the regional mental health board, the suspect did not suffer from “any mental or psychological disorder during his medical investigation or at the time of the crime”. An opinion shared by the 17 eyewitnesses to the murder of the priest Arsanius Wadid.

according to APNews, the suspect faces the death penalty.


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