The collective “All Apostles! »Asks for the constitution of an independent commission on the situation of women in the Church

In a letter addressed to the Conference of Bishops of France on July 22, the collective “All Apostles! "Asked that an independent commission on the situation of women in the Church be set up in the Catholic Church" to move forward together towards true equality for all the baptized ”. 

One year after submitting the candidacy of seven women for various functions of the Church which are not accessible to them, the members of the “All Apostles” collective wrote a letter to the French Bishops' Conference (CEF) calling for the establishment of a independent commission on the situation of women in the Church.

In this letter, the members of the collective begin by evoking "thea constitution The joy and hope "Which" denounced as having to be overcome and eliminated 'any form of discrimination [...] that it is based on the sex, the race, the color of the skin, the social condition [because] contrary to the plan of God "" . They also recall that the Son of God "was incarnated so that with Him we may all be brothers and sisters, all daughters and sons of the father". 

"And yet" she wrote. However, following their action last year which expressed "the desire to serve their Church in different ministries (deacon, parish priest, nuncio, bishop) but also decision-making functions which are prohibited to them today" and which had largely Encouraged by the symbolic candidacy of Anne Soupa for the post of Archbishop of Lyon, the CEF's response did not meet their expectations.

The organization then said, in comments reported by Le Figaro, that members of the collective are " not representative of the women engaged in the service of the Church who are thousands to be happy and fulfilled in their mission ”. 

« Have you counted those who, in responsibility in their parish, diocese or in a Catholic educational establishment, are silent and self-censor for fear of being rejected or put in their place by a clerical institution that is quick to accuse them of 'lack of humility' or 'undermining unity'? »Write the eight signatories of the letter to the bishops of France, thus underlining the difficulty of speaking on behalf of women in the Church without investigation on this subject. 

“Do you not hear the women who claim just recognition for their commitment to the service of the Church? »,« Does your assembly of clerics really feel entitled to judge the 'happiness' of these women? She continues. 

It is precisely for " documenting a reality that today escapes our knowledge ”that the“ All Apostles! "Demands the establishment of an independent commission on the situation of women in the church of France," comparable to the CIASE ", that is to say a space" of inquiry and proposals ". 

The signatories first of all invite the bishops "to dialogue" on this " subject too important to be swept aside ”. They conclude their letter by affirming to be at the “disposal” of the CEF “to work on this commission, to move forward together towards a true equality of all the baptized, in a Church which will know how to listen and hear the calls without discrimination ”. 

Camille Westphal Perrier

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