The French episcopate calls for voting in the second round "in conscience" and "in the light of the Gospel"

In a press release published yesterday, the bishops of France call on the Catholic faithful to go to the polls for the second round of the presidential elections. If they do not give voting instructions, they urge people to vote "in conscience, in the light of the Gospel and the social doctrine of the Church". 

“The French are called to vote for the second round of the election of the President of the Republic on Sunday April 24, 2022,” the Conference of Bishops of France declared in a press release published on Wednesday April 13.

"It is to the intelligence, to the conscience and to the freedom of each that the bishops address themselves, with the seriousness required by the event, the state of our country and the crises which cross our world", continue the bishops who do not give voting instructions but wish to remind Catholics “of the importance of voting and of doing so in conscience, in the light of the Gospel and the social doctrine of the Church”.

They also invite the faithful to reflect on their declaration of January 2022, a text entitled "Hope does not disappoint", presented as a document for reflection and discernment on the issues of the elections.

The press release then takes up the remarks of the president of the CEF, Mgr Eric de Moulins-Beaufort who recalls that the candidate who will be elected will not be "a savior of France, nor a messiah", that he "does not will not have the solution to everything" but that he will have "to lead us all, on the least bad path possible".

“We will not elect a savior of France, nor a messiah, nor someone who should embody all the good to be done. We will have to choose a political leader, man or woman, the one who will have to lead our country in the still uncertain times in which humanity is advancing, in these especially uncertain times of social fractures, health crisis, ecological crisis, war always possible. It won't have the solution to everything, it won't be able to prevent all immigration, it won't be able to invent infinitely renewable, transportable, efficient energy. Nor will he be able to change hearts. It will have to lead us all, on the least bad path possible, by seeking, according to what the text of the permanent council recommends with regard to the elections, to strengthen our collective momentum to choose to live together in peace. »

Camille Westphal Perrier

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