Thanks to Yeshua, this young Israeli is no longer afraid of death

“I always thought I was the only blonde in Jerusalem. Not only that, but I was drawn to the person of Yeshua from the New Testament. And when I came to Israel, I quickly realized that it was forbidden to talk about him. You have to keep it under the rug. "

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After taking part in the TV show, "To star is born", this young woman felt "on top of the world". Boys, alcohol, party, the girl lived carefree and didn't really care about Yeshua anymore. But while she is in military service, a night out on the banks of the Jordan will end in the hospital, on the verge of death. By the time she's in a coma, she's hoping to see the famous light or something… But nothing.

“It's the most terrifying feeling you can imagine. I don't think I've ever been so scared in my life. "

And this experience will completely change the course of his life. She returned to Yeshua, Jesus. And he is the only one who was able to overcome the fear of death that assailed him.

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