Thanks to the waste collection, this man was able to offer $ 400 to needy children

Johnny Jennings is an 86 year old man who has developed throughout his life a way of life, based on contentment and generosity.

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Iit was recently featured on Facebook like any other, Shay Drennan. The post was shared almost 50 times, and the man's story is now in the headlines of several magazines. Because Johnny has collected waste for more than 000 years, in order to bless the most needy children. He raised $ 30, which he donated in full to a Christian organization providing care to the most underprivileged children.

When his son Brent was little, Johnny wanted to teach him good money management. He decides to put his teachings into practice, accompanying him once a week to collect used paper. Brent then resold the waste and put the money it earned in a savings account. As an adult, Brent used this money as the down payment for the purchase of his house.

Encouraged by this result, Johnny continued his collection of metal, newspapers and cans. But this time, the money was not going to be used to buy a house, but rather to bless the weakened children around him.

“When I was 18, I visited a children's center… 3 little boys clung to me and asked me to become their daddy…”

If of course he did not adopt children at the age of 18, this event upset the young man who has retained a heart full of love for children who suffer.

“From that point on, I did everything I could.”

In 32 years of fundraising for kids, Johnny has been able to generate $ 400. He donated every dollar earned to the Georgia Baptist Children's Home & Family Ministries.

At 86, he continues to collect and still fills the trunk of his car. He says he won't stop until he's dead! The director of the children's home pays homage to the old man as follows:

“Johnny Jennings is one of the most gracious people I have met. I have always admired his quiet and humble spirit, his commitment to helping others and most of all, his love for the children in our care. ”

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source: CBN

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