Through his foundation, Lionel Messi helps a missionary priest feed nearly 15 children in Mozambique

The famous Argentinian football player, Lionel Messi, is known more for his agility on the pitch than for his good works… And yet, nearly 15 children in Mozambique have access to a breakfast every day, thanks to his foundation. 

LCatholic newspaper Crux reports that la foundation Leo Messi, led by the footballer's father, helps an Argentinian missionary priest Juan Gabriel Arias to fight against malnutrition in forty schools in the province of Gaza in Mozambique.

The project is based in the rural town of Mangundze and allows the Argentinian priest to distribute a breakfast rich in calories and nutritional value every morning to nearly 15 children.

Last Friday, the foundation posted a video on its Twitter account to present the project, which in addition to feeding many children, encourages them to go to school.

"Supporting the education and health of the youngest members of our society has always been one of the main objectives pursued by the @fundacionmessi"

Missionary priest Juan Gabriel Arias, who has continued his mission in Mozambique for more than six years, spoke on his Twitter account Sunday, October 18 to thank the football player and underline his commitment.

“With Léo, we play on the same team. The one who works for the happiness of children ”.


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