Thank you Igor, thank you Grichka! [Opinion]

It was in 1979 that the general public discovered Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff on TF1, in the cult program Time X which will be broadcast until 1987.

In 1991, their book with Jean Guitton, God and science, surprises, with an overwhelming success (1 million copies sold). In 2010, new bestseller, The face of god, translated into 43 languages, at the top of sales for 5 months, until the blow of the club struck by the weekly Marianne on October 16, 2010, which features on the cover " Revelation about two impostors "By saying to be based on a" CNRS report which demolishes their work ". The affair marks the spirits, the media repeat it in loop… But 4 years later, Marianne is convicted of defamation. Who remembers it? Recently, Luc Ferry gave them back hommage (1'38): " I attended their thesis defense at Polytechnique. I knew their thesis supervisor very well, a very great mathematician, Moshé Flato. I asked him: "Quite frankly, what is their thesis worth?" They aroused immense jealousy in academia. He replied: “In Grichka's thesis in particular, there are diamonds. This is the exact sentence he told me, adding, "They are not professional mathematicians, but they did an absolutely amazing job." »

In the rest of their story, always extra ordinary, they have many media, sentimental, scientific and… judicial lives.. For more than three years Igor and Grichka had borne a heavy burden on the accusation of " vulnerable person scam ". They were to be tried in correctional for this on January 21, but fate did not allow them to defend themselves. They have always denied the facts during a prosecution investigation, obviously. They were preparing to provide the court with irrefutable proof that they had not abused anyone's weakness and that the sale of their mansion as much as the revival of the concept of Time X, far from being chimerical projects, were very concrete. Their death extinguishes any public action against them, but their lawyer David Koubbi and the former magistrate Georges Fenech will file in court these proofs of their innocence to posthumously wash their honor and give them definitive justice.

Luc Ferry appreciated them beaucoup (2'33) . " They were of infinite kindness and absolutely stupendous intelligence. And these are the only people - this has never happened to me with anyone else - that I have never heard once say a word against someone. Never. Not once. None of us can say the same. This is all perfectly true. I was able to see it myself when I saw them in the last months of their lives. Their kindness was incredible, natural. They did not know what to say " Yes », Never refused selfies and warm exchanges with those who passed them in the street. They were super positive, caring, interested in meeting; that is why they were so popular and so loved.

Inseparable even in death, they were however different : Igor, cowboy look, was bubbly, banjo player, helicopter pilot, sportsman, avid rock climber, and father of six children. Grichka, more interior, more intellectual, had none. Both were gentle, courteous, never banal, charismatic, artists, poets, full of kindness, humor, self-deprecating. They were not vaccinated, but carefully watched over their diet and health, never took any medication, had never seen a doctor and did not even have a vital card ...

Igor and Grichka were of immense culture, and not just in science. They say that when a scientist dies, a library goes. But there is so much more! It is a unique and irreplaceable memory about God and science which flew away. We had solicited them with Michel-Yves Bolloré for our book God, science, evidence that interested them a lot, as they tell in their last interview. We wanted to relaunch with them Time X with 40 short programs on " the 100 years that changed the world »Which they would have told with their inimitable talent. All these projects stop, but the first 3 episodes on Friedmann, Lemaître and Hubble, already shot, will soon be made public.

On November 20, the twins launched with us a " Great debate with the public »In an archicomble Salle Gaveau. They had beautifully closed the evening (2:04:44) quoting together these strong words from Einstein: " Anyone involved in science will eventually discover that a spirit, immensely superior to man, manifests itself in the laws of the Universe. ". No doubt, dear Igor, dear Grichka, that you have finally met this " supreme mystery »Which fascinated you so much and, looking forward to seeing you again soon, in an eternal X Time, we say a huge thank you for everything you have given us!

Olivier Bonnassies 

source: YouTube video about God, Science, Evidence

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