Testimony of Abbas, Iraqi interpreter turned Christian through an American

Abbas Hameed, born in Iraq, obtained US citizenship in 2011 and currently lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with his wife and two children. Founder of Hameed Christian Ministries, he shares his testimony today in churches and military bases, as well as with veterans.

Abbas was born into a family of 8 children. His family enjoyed wealth until he was 8, when his father's business began to decline. His father then took refuge in alcohol and bad company. He has been arrested many times. His last arrest was the most difficult. He was indeed locked in a dark underground prison, after the police discovered that he had not respected his service in the Iraqi army.

Overwhelmed by this suffering, it was from the depths of his cell that he turned to God. When he was released from prison, he was a transformed man. Touched by this transformation, his son Abbas secretly addressed God asking him to make him a good man and to help him seek his face.

Abbas completed his training at the Iraqi Police Academy at the age of 19, and joined the US Military Police as a security guard and interpreter in 2003. He was near death in 2005 when an car exploded a few meters from him, while he was in charge of traffic and control of suspicious vehicles.

The suicide bomber had his limbs scattered, "a disgusting scene" according to Abbas, but he escaped with a simple scratch on his knee. That day he thought to himself that God had saved his life.

Abbas met Sergeant Scott Young in 2007. At first, Abbas was very intrigued by Scott who always had a Bible in his pocket, which he read during his breaks. Abbas began to follow his example afterwards but cooled down spiritually a few months later when his father was killed by terrorists.

Until the day he asked Scott "how to become a Christian?" ". Scott told him to go to a quiet place and tell Jesus that he wanted to change and become a Christian.

“So I asked God to come into my life and change me, so that I could become a child of God. "

The next day everyone noticed a change in him because God had transformed his life.


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