Testimony of a Covid-19 survivor through the power of prayer

The story of James Story, a retired music teacher from the Tenessee, who contracted Covid-19 in March 2020. In critical condition, he was close to death before experiencing a miraculous recovery. 

Gravaged by the coronavirus, James story is now fully recovered. This staunch believer told his story to CBN News, claiming that it was because of the “grace” and “healing power” of God that he survived.

The first time James Story, a retired music teacher, heard of Covid-19 was during a volunteer meeting at his church, the First United Methodist Church in Gallatin, Tennessee.

“The administration of the bishop's office had sent some recommendations on how to prepare for this pandemic that we were going to experience. "

In March 2020, the man began to "feel sick", he then went to the emergency room but was sent home. Seeing the situation worsening, he made an appointment with his attending physician:

“I started having chills and fever and went to the emergency room but they sent me home. However, over the weekend my condition worsened. I went to my doctor and he gave me some blood tests. Of course, at that time there was no way to distinguish Covid-19. "

After the blood test results came back, her worried doctor sent her to the hospital. James Story's condition quickly deteriorates, as evidenced by his friend Brenda Reed who took him to the Tri-Star Hospital in Hendersonville.

“We didn't know what was going to happen. I got calls every day explaining that he was doing badly and that his condition was getting worse every day. It was scary. "

It was first the kidneys of the American retiree that began to weaken, to the point that he was placed on dialysis, while his condition continued to deteriorate.

"I started dialysis because my kidneys were failing and from there it went from bad to worse"

He spent several weeks between conscious and unconscious state. A nurse who was at his bedside, Laura Youngman also confided in CBN News, she reports that he "was on a ventilator for fifteen days" and that he was considered a serious case of Covid-19 ". So much so that at critical moments the medical staff were very uncertain about the outcome.

“There were a few days where we wondered if we were going to be able to wean him off the ventilator or if his family was going to have to make a decision about a tracheostomy, a feeding tube and things of that nature. "

The Christian friends of James Story have created a Facebook page to make a prayer channel for him.

For his part, the former professor confided that in his "moments of conscience", he took advantage of this time to "meditate, read the scriptures and [s] e closer to God".

And then one day he had a vision where he saw God and his loved ones and people around the world praying for him.

“I felt like I was in a grave and tried to stand up to face the sun. Then once I got to the top I felt like I saw the face of God and he was reaching out to me and all I could do was bow to him and l 'love. And I saw my family, my friends, my church members, and people all over the world praying for me. "

And indeed, it wasn't the people all over the world like in his vision, but every Wednesday night, the members of James's church gathered to pray for his healing. For her friend, Brenda Reed, prayer was really part of the patient's healing process.

Because little by little, his condition is improving. He was eventually taken off the ventilator, his kidneys worked better, and he was transferred to another facility. In total, the former music teacher will have been hospitalized for 71 days. On the day of her discharge, some of her Christian friends gathered in front of the hospital singing “Oh Happy Day”, Brenda Reed recounts.

Nurse Laura Youngman, who has followed James' story from the start said she was "overwhelmed with joy at his recovery." She adds :

“He could have died. And I think God spared him, and it's just a wonderful achievement, you know, for his faith, and also the great health care that he got. "

It is James Story who evokes for his part "a miracle" he adds that he does not "consider himself lucky" but that he considers himself "blessed".

“Not only was there a miracle that happened to me, but there is a miracle in each of us if we seek, we will find. I know it was his grace and healing power that gave me a second chance. I don't consider myself lucky. But I consider myself blessed. "


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