Testimonials: Suzanne and Anya, flexible in the face of change

They are not in the same seasons of life, but they both testify to the flexibility learned in their particular circumstances. File: Long live the change!

Suzanne: Arranging her pre-retirement

Within three months, Suzanne became a grandmother twice and watched her husband retire. It was in 2015. She was 58 years old at the time.

“I felt it was time to lighten my boat. To replace the time and especially the mental load linked to my work as manager of a tea-room located in a parish house with other things that have become more essential, such as the grandchildren or time for my couple in this news step. "

Suzanne cannot completely quit her job for financial reasons, but circumstances make it possible for her to reduce her working time. “The next generation was there, it was the right moment to hand over the task”, details this trained nurse who saw things as they present themselves:

“I have never felt the need to reassure myself by planning my life excessively. "

Suzanne lives her pre-retirement period in the continuity of the dynamic of balance, curiosity and creativity that she has cultivated throughout her life. This is how the couple punctuated the beginning of this new stage with training on two-to-one communication and began, in this context, to write letters to each other.

“I like the idea that we can learn at any age how to defuse the conflicts that arise, not to be trapped by routine, to remain open to the world and to God. "

Suzanne is savoring her pre-retirement:

"Having more time to live quietly, without the productivity dimension coming into account, less worrying, it's a real pleasure!" "

This is how Suzanne and her husband Jean-François, who was deacon then chaplain, find a new balance between spiritual formation, welcoming the family and grandchildren, ecclesial commitment, gardening and a cultural outing decided unexpectedly ... Between giving and receiving!

Anya: The uprooting

Five years ago, Anya was considered by those around her to be a brilliant psychologist and specialist in Ukrainian aid relations. “Since then, my daily life has changed dramatically! », Remembers the XNUMX-something.

“I met Jérôme, the young man who became my husband and with whom I now live in Switzerland. "

The youngest of a Christian family of six children, Anya had never imagined living in another culture, nor having to relearn a completely new language.

“When I arrived in Switzerland, despite the warm welcome received, I quickly understood that my integration was going to be difficult! "

The first loss she has to face is relational: “I had invested a lot in my friendships in Ukraine, and the contrast with the relative distance of the Swiss at first contact was unsettling. “At the professional level, it's a cold shower: no recognition of his diplomas is possible. “We all want to have an impact and be recognized. At that time, I had the impression of being literally trampled on, ”she adds.

A period of deep questioning follows.

Who am I when this country does not want me? "

Under the gaze of God, she integrates that even if her profession may be temporarily taken away from her, no one will be able to steal her call or the skills that God has given her. In these critical moments, Anya also reconsiders “who is God”. Her loyalty is obvious to her, and she chooses to rely on that in Switzerland too, convinced that she can continue to trust him.

Today, Anya is preparing for another big change, as she will become a mom for the first time in a few months.

“I am afraid, as in any situation that I do not know, but I know that this new step will make me grow! "

Change is not the safest path one has to take, but it is a path that contains life!

Rebecca Reymond

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