From terrorism to evangelization or when Jesus reveals himself to a radical Islamist leader

Al-Rashid is the leader of a radical Islamist group. He wishes to convert everyone to Islam and is full of hatred against Muslims who convert to Christianity. He forms a group to convert these former Muslims or kill them.

Pasteur Paul is one of those former Muslims who converted to Christianity. With his team, he distributes Bibles in underground house churches in several countries. Al-Rashid has a plan: to kill Pastor Paul's family, and force the pastor to become a Muslim so that he is a deterrent in his Islamist group.

“We attacked them several times, but miraculously, they always got away with it. », Says Al-Rashid.

They tried to poison her children. But the woman who was supposed to do it was attacked on the way by a dog. Seriously injured, she was unable to reach Pastor Paul's house. They sent another woman, who gave them children poisoned chocolate. The son survived but the daughter fell ill.

“I was watching with two others near the hospital to see her daughter's death. Our plan was to remove the corpse with its family in our ambulance. "

But at this moment, Al-Rashid receives a vision.

“I saw a ball of light come from the sky, and stand above the room where the girl was lying, unconscious. "

He then sees a hand coming out of the ball of light and touching the pastor's daughter who gets up instantly. Al-Rashid is astonished, the hand is pierced, blood is flowing.

“I was shaking with fear. I felt dizzy and fell. My friends moved me. "

Al-Rashid can no longer fall asleep. The vision of this hand is permanently in his mind. One night, a voice asks him why "he was nailing him." Al-Rashid cannot tell his friends about it. But he's got a Bible, he uses it against Christians. He opens it and reads the verse “This light was the true light, which, coming into the world, enlightens every man. She was in the world, and the world was made by her, and the world did not know her. " (John 1, 9-10)

“I understood it was Jesus. […] I was the enemy of Jesus, but He loved me. "

Al-Rashid goes to meet Pastor Paul to tell him everything. He didn't know what to expect, but the pastor hugs him. Tears were streaming down her cheek.

Pastor Paul encourages him:

“Jesus is the Prince of Peace. He will give you peace. Accept him as your Savior. "

Al-Rashid turned to Jesus.

“I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior. I was baptized, and I received the gift of the Holy Ghost. I evangelize through Bibles for Mideast. […] Hundreds of Muslims secretly believe in Jesus as their personal Savior. They do not have Bibles and the law does not allow them to obtain them. The Bible is banned in many countries. But they're so thirsty for the Word of God. "

He is now one of the leaders of this organization.


source: Assist News

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