Ten songs from the group U2 evoking the Christian faith

The group U2, whose lead singer, Bono, is Christian, impacted the music world, especially in the 80s.

LBono's faith greatly influenced their songs, so explicit lyrics about Jesus and faith in God are featured in their biggest hits. Here are ten examples of how the group mentions the Christian faith.

"As you entered this life, I pray that you will walk away with a wrinkled face and a brand new heart" (Excerpt from "Love and Peace or else)

Many Bono songs are about personal transformation. This excerpt is from the album "How to dismantle an atomic bomb", an album loaded with messages on faith in God.

“Take these hands, show them what to wear. Take these hands, don't clench your fist. Take this mouth, quick to criticize, take this mouth and kiss it ”. (Extract from "Yawheh")

Bono talks about his journey on earth as a follower of Christ. In this song, he speaks directly to God, and asks Him to help him practice what he preaches rather than falling into worldly habits, and into sin.

“I waited patiently for the Lord, He leaned towards me and heard my cry. He took me out of the well, out of the mud ”(Extract from“ 40 ”)

Earlier in their careers, U2 appeared almost openly as a Christian group. So much so that their third album, "War", ends with this rewriting of Psalm 40. For this group which in the 80s quickly becomes one of the most famous on the planet, it is a daring choice, a choice. which allowed them to be a source of hope and faith for many of their fans.

“I try to stay upright, but I can't find my feet anymore. I try to raise my voice but it is only in You that I am complete. "(Extract from" Gloria ")

From their second album, Bono talks here about his addiction to God. The singer, despite his notoriety, is not afraid to talk about the source of his strength. He thus applies the Word of God, as it is written in Mark 8:38: "For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words in the midst of this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of man shall also be ashamed of him, when he comes in the glory of his Father, with the holy angels. "

"I will start again" (Excerpt from "New Year's day")

This song evokes the desire to live in a better world. The author of the song writes “I will be with you again” and “I will start anew”, which echoes the singer's Christian view of the universe: as we strive for a better future, this will not become reality until Christ returns.

"I want to be safe from this poisonous rain, where the streets have no name" (Excerpt from "Where the Streets have no name")

This song is about a glorious vision of the heavens invading the earth, destroying all the horror of the present times. This is one of the biggest hits of the group. It is a denunciation of the chaos that we ourselves have created on earth, but still evokes a glimmer of hope in Christ.

“I believe in the coming Kingdom, so the colors will become one… Yes, I keep running […] You broke the bonds and You undid the chains, You carried the cross of my shame, You know that I believed it ”(Extract“ I still haven't found what I'm looking for ”)

“I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For” has become one of the band's best-known songs and has been performed on numerous tours. The song appears on several compilations and concert videos. Several critics rank this song among the best songs of all time. Bono shouts here his faith and his doubts, like the father of a family in Mark 9:24 “Immediately the father of the child cried out: I believe! help my unbelief! "

"Your love teaches me to kneel" (Extract from "Vertigo")

The song expresses Bono's feeling of dizziness during an evening in a luxurious nightclub “where drinks are at the price of a bar in a third world country […] We look around and we see the big fat capitalism on top of its mountain, ready to collapse. It is this feeling of vertigo that we have when realizing that we are here, drinking, eating, polluting, cheating ourselves until we die ”. The song deals with the ephemeral and vain character of worldly life, and ends with this phrase which appears like a ray of hope: abandonment to God.

"Grace creates beauty from ugly things" (from "Grace")

This hit is a personification of grace, and the singer simply shows "what is wonderful in her".

"I am still far from your hill at Calvary, and I am far from where I was, from where I must be" (Excerpt from "Song for Someone")

This is a prayer to Jesus to ask for His help. It is also a very good example showing that one can speak to God directly, as to a friend, even when one feels far from Him.

We've only introduced ourselves to a few of the hundreds of references to God in U2's songs. A “popular” music, known as worldly, with Christian inspirations: no one can deny that U2 is a group carrying hope and faith for this declining world. Nonetheless, Bono's engaged speech, as well as his faith in Christ, made him the object of mockery, leading some critics to consider him to be “has been”. This does not stop the artist, who, convinced that he is an instrument of God, continues to work through his music and charitable works. Thus, Bono never ceases to give glory to God during his interviews and public appearances.

Anne-Muriel Rahaingonjatovo

source: Christian today

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