Teachers and Scientists Encourage Bible Reading

If archaeologists, anthropologists and professors of ancient literature are part of a search for the first papyri (texts) of the Torah, Judeo-Christian civilizations or the first Christian writings, the approach of 15 Swiss professors and scientists from the ITE (Institute of Theology and Ethics) wants to encourage contemporary reading of the Bible.

La specificity of the ITE " consists in interweaving theological research and the impulses and concepts coming from other scientific disciplines. »Different groups of scientists worked for 2 years as a group of theological or multidisciplinary experts on the theme of reading the Bible. Their joint work resulted in a document “Sola lectura? Current issues of reading from a Protestant perspective ”This study was published in November 2016 and can be downloaded in by clicking here.

The Federation of Protestant Churches of Switzerland (FEPS) and the ITE examines in this first study made public, eight very open theses around the reading of the Bible. This “tool”, this booklet is intended as an encouragement, a call to reflection, as a necessity or an urgency to immerse oneself in the biblical text, in the face of a time when everything is accelerating.

Nathanael Bechdolff

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