What does the story of Mary and Joseph teach us about trusting in God when our reputation is at stake?

Christmas is a time of celebration, joy and sharing. It is interesting to remember the great challenge and test of faith that two people went through before Jesus was born. Mary and Joseph believed in the promise that led humanity to salvation.

Purging Mary was only a teenager when the angel told her that she would be pregnant. His first reaction was, one can easily understand, shame and doubt. Her reputation, her future marriage, her sanity and her entire life were at stake. Pregnancy outside marriage was heavily punished at this time. Joseph, for his part, could have doubted Mary and preferred to deny her in order to preserve her integrity.

While the situation they went through is unique and incomparable, like Mary and Joseph, we sometimes face intimidation, humiliation and the fear of tarnishing our reputation. Often, when God calls us to a project, the first thing we risk seeing is our reputation. For the ways of God are beyond the comprehension of men. They are a challenge for us and for the whole of society.

However, reputation is not as valuable as we think

Sometimes we pay too much attention to what others think about us. It can be constructive to an extent, but also completely inhibiting. Let us not let our reputation take precedence over the call of God in our lives.

“If anyone wants to come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.”
Matthew 16: 24

Jesus knew how much our reputation can weigh in the balance to oppose the designs he foresaw. He encourages us to walk in faith, as Mary and Joseph did.

Faith is necessary

It takes faith to put aside our looks and reputation to walk in God's plan. But isn't God's opinion of us more important than that of others? If we take care of our reputation in the eyes of God, He will take care of ours in the eyes of others.

Mary and Joseph could have taken a different path. They could have said “No” to God's will. They could have decided to live a normal life and have a normal marriage. But they chose to answer God's call and follow His path.

What started with despair and fear turned into humble trust in the Lord's perfect plan.

“Behold, I am thy handmaid, be it done unto me according to thy word.”
Luke 1: 38


source: Christian today

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