Tea Notes: 3 women for female entrepreneurship

"A natural, ethical and delicious tea accompanied by verses for a well thought out day" This is what the website of the tea brand Tea Notes announces.

Tea Notes is the story of 3 friends, loving tea and who have decided to transform their tea time into a moment of meditation with the Word of God.

Anne, it is the artist who has a look, she is passionate about photography and likes to capture in her photos people and places that mark. Professional dentist, Melody is also passionate about tea. Aude as for her, after having lived several years in Asia, engaged in the social economy and the economic development do not disdain a good cup of green tea with jasmine.

Their common passion, tea, it did not take more to spark the idea, a company that markets tea.

After taking time in prayer, Anne, Mélodie and Aude formalize their ideas, set up their business plan and launch an online crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to give birth to Tea Notes.

They market a high quality tea, fair, and respecting their values ​​and their faith. The flagship product to offer is the box of 30 tea bags numbered from 1 to 30 with a Bible verse, to meditate on the Word one day a month. Before ordering, we advise you to check the availability of this very successful product.

The three friends added a string to their bow, organizing events: wedding, bachelorette party, baby shower, family meal, house group, thematic evening, conference. These activities have been put on hold because of the health crisis. But the tea brand products are still available on their online store.

Mother's Day is no longer relevant, but the verbena-Citronella infusion, Mummy of Love edition, is full of promise.

Check the availability of products before ordering on the site: teanotes.fr

Nina Charles

This article is published in collaboration with the magazine spiritual, the magazine that brings together Christian women from the French-speaking world.

Image credit: teanotes.fr

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