Symbols of the Syrian tragedy, the mutilated father and his baby born without a limb will be welcomed by Caritas in Italy

The photo of this Syrian father and his child, taken by Mehmet Aslan, had been awarded at the Siena International Photo Awards.

Their winning photo Siena International Photo Awards had traveled the world. Symbol of the Syrian tragedy, this father, who had lost his leg during an explosion, raising his son born without arms or legs to the sky, had upset the international community.

The whole family, Munzir and Mustafa, but also the mother and two other children, will finally arrive today in Italy.

THEArchdiocese of Siena-Colle di Val D'Elsa-Montalcino explains that the family will be accommodated in an apartment provided by the local Caritas organisation.

Caritas will take care to "create a network of support and relations with the territory to promote the process of integration of the El Nezzel family" and allow them to learn to speak Italian.


Image credit: Creative Commons / Wikimedia

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