Sylvester Stallone: ​​"I recognized that I had lost my way […] This spiral lasted twelve years"

It's been a few years since Sylvester Stallone, interpreter of famous Rocky, Rambo or more recently director of the film The Expendables, made public his faith in Jesus. Despite his statements, the information has been relayed very little, this kind of coming-out does not seem to arouse as much interest as others!

After having been brought up in Christian values ​​within a Catholic family, the actor had turned away from the faith, gradually letting himself be won over by the Hollywood sirens. And it wasn't until the early 2000s that Stallone rediscovered the gospel message and started his journey of faith all over again.

“Then when you arrive in Hollywood, you are suddenly given the keys to the candy store and temptations abound. I started to believe in my own convictions, in my own ideals. there is no doubt. I admitted that I had lost my way, but every time I shot the movie Rocky it felt like I got a warning pat on the shoulder, it was a new wake-up call. Then I relapsed. This spiral lasted 12 years. "

For this sports and bodybuilding enthusiast, coming to church would be like going to the soul gym and the pastors would be its trainers.

“The more I go to church, the more my faith in Jesus grows”.

In Rocky's last opus, released in 2006, the director of the saga wanted to draw a parallel between what Rocky saw and walking with God ...

“Rocky is a metaphor for life. I got lost along the way and then realized that I had to come back to the base and take what was in my hand and put it in the hand of God. I can't believe everything I did, I did it on my own, but there was a call to share a message, the message from Rocky, a man who sacrifices himself and acts out of love for people. other. By the grace of God I am here again. "

Discover an excerpt from this intervention.

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