“May the sun not set on your anger”, science proves the Apostle Paul right

The conclusions of a study in neuroscience published by the journal Nature at the end of 2016, highlight the increased difficulties in forgetting the negative emotions experienced before a night's sleep.

LTeams of 7 scientists worked on a sample of 73 students. They subjected young men to negative emotions, and studied the neural mechanisms involved in suppressing or consolidating emotional memories. They also sought to determine the influence of sleep on the elimination of negative memories.

“We studied the neurobiological processes underlying the suppression of aversive memories before and after overnight consolidation. Here we report that consolidated aversive memories retain their emotional responsiveness and become more resistant to deletion. ”

The authors even suggest the interest of sleep deprivation following a traumatic experience. It would reduce the consolidation of the traumatic memory. Yunzhe Liu points out that this study ultimately gives credit to the People's Council for not going to bed after an argument.

She also gives reason, nearly 2000 years later, to this word of the Bible.

If you get angry, do not sin; may the sun not set on your anger.
Ephesians 4: 26


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