Suicides in prison, Yannis Gautier calls for the mobilization of Christians

The Ducos penitentiary center in Martinique has just learned his third suicide a few days apart. This time, a 46-year-old man imprisoned on November 5 hanged himself in his cell.

Journalists will say about him that he refused to eat and was bathed in his excrement. How sad ! In 2016, more than a hundred people committed suicide in prison. And this not to mention the multiple suicide attempts.

Although the purpose of prison is the deprivation of liberty, the fact remains that it is also psychologically destructive. Reasons why some people who find it difficult to accept their imprisonment go so far as to commit suicide, convinced that death will end their torture. Unfortunately behind, it is bereaved families and children who cry.

They often happen to me during my conferences in prison, to tell people that prison has been for me the place where I found peace and freedom. Why ? Well, quite simply because God revealed himself to me!

Today there are so many suffering detainees, young and old, who can no longer bear to be locked in a 9 m² cell. Certainly there are facts that we cannot change, France has laws that must be respected.

However, sharing the gospel message with those who are incarcerated is one of the most effective ways for God to reveal Himself to those who no longer believe in life. He can give hope to a heart that no longer has it. And this is the raison d'être of project 1 Book 1 Inmate. Yes, what God has done for me he can do for others!


“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. "
Jean 3: 16

Yannis Gautier
Evangelist and prison visitor

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