Suicide truck attack in Nice: At least 80 dead and 18 injured "in absolute urgency"

More than 80 victims of terrorism in Nice have joined the 2000 other victims of this scourge since the start of 2016.


Lhe suicide car or truck attack is a known anti-terrorism scenario. In 2014, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, spokesman for Daesh, called on the "soldiers of the caliphate" to kill by all possible means: "get by, run them over with your car. "

The murderous driver with a heavy weight, launched at full speed, on a crowd whose attention was held by the end of the fireworks on July 14, made a maximum of victims.

The fireworks of the National Day being a family outing there are women and children among the victims.

President François Hollande confirmed the terrorist nature of this attack.

Nothing will make us give in in our desire to fight terrorism and we will further strengthen our actions in Syria as in Iraq. We will continue to strike at those who attack us on our own soil, in their lairs. I announced it yesterday morning.

The state of emergency will be extended in France by 3 months and the “operational reserve” will be called upon to reinforce civil security personnel.

The death-lovers sect struck again this evening on the Promenade des Anglais, in Nice, turning a popular party into atrocious carnage where more than 80 people brutally lost their lives just after the fireworks display. May the one whose name is "I AM THAT WHO IS", the Son of the living God, Jesus Christ, console the families of the afflicted and support the wounded, from Nice to Baghdad, where another carnage had left 213 dead and 200 wounded July 3.

Let us be love and blessing, as Christ is love and blessing, and let us pray that all the “lone wolves” are unmasked one by one and commit fault after fault so as not to be able to perpetrate their heinous murders. May these lone wolves turn to "the Lamb of God who takes away sin" from a world where there is no race or ethnicity that He does not love and cherish because He gave His life FOR ALL .


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