Sudan: Government “declared war on Christians” so that the Gospel does not reach Muslims

In Sudan, a pastor says the government has "declared war on Christians" because they fear Muslims will be led to Christ.

UA monitoring group on the persecution of Christians in East Africa, was able to meet two pastors from South Sudan and interview them on behalf of the Christian post. Michael and Reith were both jailed for their faith. Pastor Michael Yat says pastors in Sudan are being detained and churches demolished as the government fears the spread of the Gospel in this Islamic nation.

“In 2014, I returned to Khartoum for a new assignment, as part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, I had no idea that Sudan had declared war on Christians. I was arrested the second day after preaching in a church in Khartoum. I was in prison for 9 months. ”

Michael says the Sudanese government does not want Christians in the country, especially Arabic speaking believers, "because they fear Muslims will be won to Christ."

“They don't allow pastors to help Muslims in Khartoum, Darfur or the Nuba Mountains. These areas are predominantly Muslim. ”

For Reith:

“The reason the persecution will continue to increase in Sudan is that the little effort Christians make is paying off.”

Several pastors have been arrested in Sudan in recent months, often on charges of endangering national security. Hassan Abduraheem was sentenced to 12 years in prison for his faith. Four Christians have been arrested and released on bail, for problems concerning the property rights of an evangelical school. The demolition of 25 churches in Khartoum was ordered in February 2017.

For the Reverend Yahia Abdelrahim Nalu,

“This is a systematic repression of churches by Islamists in the government”.

Sudan is ranked in 5th position of Open House Global Persecution Index.



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