Sudan: Christian dies protecting women in attack on Christian school

Monday, April 3 Younan Adullah, an elder of the Evangelical Church of Bahari, died in hospital from his wounds, after protecting women locked up in a Christian school, besieged by Islamists.

LThe Christians had organized a demonstration in the Evangelical school of Omdurman to protest against the abusive seizure of the building by a Muslim businessman, having a real estate project. Supporting the businessman, the city police accompanied by a group supported by the ministry of "religious guidance and endowment", initially arrested all Christian men present in the peaceful demonstration.

As a result, witnesses belonging to the organization Middle East Concern, relates that 20 men armed with knives and other weapons entered the school to assault the women who remained inside. The police would not have intervened to stop the assault. Several members of the Evangelical Bahari Church then rushed to protect them.

“The gunmen attacked them, and two church members were stabbed. "

Younan Abdullah died in hospital. Ayoub Kumama was treated before returning home.

“After Younan's death, the police arrested Mr. Shamshoun Hamoud, a member of the illegal committee, who was identified by eyewitnesses as the person who stabbed Younan. None of the other attackers were arrested. "

Younan leaves behind a wife and two young children.

Pray for this bereaved family.

Pray for Sudanese Christians who experience persecution on a daily basis.


source: Morning Star News

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