Animated story: Two centuries of climate science as seen by researchers

What major advances have been made in climate science?

For such a vast field, researchers' answers can only be varied. We thus put the question to oceanographers, paleoclimatologists, and atmospheric physicists. Their independent contributions are brought together here in a historical frieze.

Such a retrospective makes it possible to read the history of past discoveries through the eyes of scientists today. It is of course not exhaustive: what would climate science be without the work of William Herschel on infrared radiation? Without the explosion of scientific results produced for the International Geophysical Year from 1957 to 1958? Without personalities like Wally broecker et Roger revelle ?

In 2021, and for the first time, the Nobel Prize in Physics honored climatologists. Corn as the researcher Gavin Schmidt reminds us, recognition of the work of Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hasselmann should not overshadow a reality: climate science is an extremely multidisciplinary subject. They involve a number of individuals but above all teams and collaborations sometimes even going beyond political tensions between States.

Benoit Tournadre, Post-doctoral researcher in climate and environmental sciences, Mines Paris Tech

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