“Get up Congolese! », Dr Mukwege's cry of motivation and encouragement to his people

On June 30 from Paris, the famous professor Denis Mukwege launched a cry: “Get up Congolese! "

EThis echoes the national anthem of the DRC, not a cry of victory but a cry of motivation and encouragement for all his compatriots, in the chaotic situation that his immense country has been going through for 57 years. Dr Mukwege denounces, but also urges not to give up. He encourages everyone to take their destiny in hand, without forgetting the duty to remember. Strong words:

“We are the own predators of our own wealth. "

He knows what he is talking about, the child of Kivu in the Great Lakes region, where we find the greatest density of wealth in the basement ...

Thefts and looting continue ... Insecurity worsens with victims by the thousands and displacement of populations by the millions.

The Panzi Foundation that he directs is at the forefront for prevention and care programs, with other NGOs on site. He urges the youth in particular to take their destiny in hand, without sterile regrets.

“Get up Congolese! "

The cry of a wounded prophet, of a man who at the risk of his life continues a fight, without neglecting the help of prayer, and the encouragement of national unity in diversity.

Peter Yeremian

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