Some Strategies to KO Worry!

As part of the dossier of the week, "Worry you won't have me!" », In collaboration with the magazine SpirituElles, discover some strategies to put the worry KO!

  • Identify the source of your concern. Sometimes the fact of specifying what is scary already serves to reduce its hold.
  • Knowing that God can use his anxiety to strengthen his faith. Did he not send a storm on the lake to make the disciples lean on him in their distress? (Mc. 4, 35-41).
  • Trust and total dependence on God must be learned. It is about arming yourself with patience, sometimes it takes time. It's a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Cry out to God like Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane. Even if words fail, he will hear the heart. He has promised to comfort all those who are tired and oppressed by anguish.
  • Remember how in the past God freed us or supported us in feared situations. Looking back allows us to see that God has never let go of us and we will be encouraged, armed to face the concerns of the moment (Lam. 3, 22-26).
  • Write a list of verses that affirm God's help. Writing them down helps to fix them in memory. When worries assail, re-reading the noted verses will be beneficial.

Genevieve Radloff

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