Solhan massacre in Burkina Faso: 160 dead in terrorist attack

"We would like to do something, but what? We are facing an invisible, unknown and very armed enemy. "

On the night of Friday to Saturday, the village of Solhan, in northern Burkina Faso, was the target of a terrorist attack. The attack, which killed 160 civilians, is the deadliest attack since the wave of terror began in the country in 2015.

The attack targeted the Volunteers for the Defense of the Fatherland then the attackers attacked the civilians whom they executed.

The 160 men, women and children were buried by the inhabitants in three mass graves. The army is now deployed on site. The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces speaks of "large-scale operations in progress".

The priests of the parish of Sebba gave to the bishop of Dori, Mgr Dabiré the testimony of a survivor who gave the alert.

“In the early morning, until 6 am, armed men invaded the locality. They fired shots in the air, before going from house to house because people were still in bed. They executed them outright. They then burned the market, houses, shops, vehicles, trucks, means of transport that were parked outside. "

For the Burkinabe bishop, it could be “reprisals”. He laments a feeling of helplessness.

"We would like to do something, but what? We are facing an invisible, unknown and very armed enemy. "

According to sources from theAgenzia Fides, it would be a question of "asserting their capacity to control the territory".

“According to an initial assessment, the country's authorities seem to believe that those who carried out the massacre wanted to assert their capacity to control the territory. The army has indeed organized self-defense groups from villages in the region. With these massacres, the terrorists seem to have wanted to respond to these defensive initiatives. In any case, this zone is strategic because it connects Mali and Niger, passing through Burkina Faso. "

After this Solhan massacre, the village of Tadaryat was targeted. We deplore 14 dead.


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