Simone Veil, an exceptional woman who will help decriminalize abortion - But do you remember those words?

Former Auschwitz deportee, Minister of Health, politician committed to European construction, favorite personality of the French, icon of the fight for women's rights.

Simone Veil died at the age of 89. For several decades this exceptional woman, a privileged witness to the history of the twentieth century, left a mark on the French. Many remember her for the law of 1975 which will bear her name, and which will regulate the practice of Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption in France. During her speech to the deputies Simone Veil declared:

“I say it with all my conviction: abortion must remain the exception, the last resort for dead-end situations. But how can we tolerate it without losing its exceptional character, without society appearing to encourage it? "

"The exception", "the ultimate recourse", "How to tolerate it" without "appearing to encourage it"? ...

At a time when the crime of digital obstruction to abortion did not exist, she also evoked the central role of associations helping vulnerable women, considering their essential role in limiting as much as possible the recourse to abortion. .

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In 2013, Simone Veil surprised by parading alongside "La Manif pour tous" during demonstrations against the opening of marriage to same-sex couples. For those around Simone Veil, it was not a matter of an “adhesion” approach, but rather the manifestation of a “reserve” of the former minister with regard to marriage for all. Membership or reservation, accompanied by her husband, she had not hesitated to wave the flag of the Manif pour Tous.


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