She survives Covid-19 after being declared brain dead by doctors and released from hospital

“All the systems in her body collapsed, everything was shut down and she recovered almost everything. "

Tionna Hairston is a 25 year old American. Tested positive for Covid-19 last May, just like her mother, the young woman first had minor symptoms before suffering serious complications.

Dr. James mclean, director of the Novant Health hospital, explains:

“She had a heart attack and had to be resuscitated. She had to have a defibrillator implanted. "

Her mother then claims that she stopped breathing for thirty minutes. The doctors then told her to unplug the resuscitation devices, because "she no longer had any hope of living, they thought that she would be a vegetable, that she would have no quality of life".

Le Becker's hospital review explains that she was in "a vegetative state". He adds that the young girl had a "cardiovascular accident, which caused bleeding in the brain and blood clots in her heart". Tionna has been on a ventilator for over two months. His kidneys and liver were affected. The media also quotes Dr. McLean:

“All the systems in her body collapsed, everything was shut down and she recovered almost everything. "

But for months, prayer circles were held outside Tionna hospital.

The young girl then begins to get better and better. His kidneys and liver start to function normally. She can then be transferred to a rehabilitation center where she relearns to walk, eat or dress.

At the end of her rehabilitation, it is under the applause, and under the cameras of the local press, that Tionna testifies to her faith.

“My faith in God and my will to walk again. "

Her tearful mother continues:

"Seeing her get up from her chair and walk when no one thought she would walk again someday!" "

Tionna was able to return home on October 19.


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