Shama, 14-year-old Christian girl kidnapped in Pakistan: Police refuse to investigate

On June 24, in the Ghaghar region of Pakistan, a group of four men stormed the home of a Christian family and abducted Shama, a 14-year-old girl. When the girl's parents filed a complaint, police officers refused to investigate.

In the late afternoon, as locals went to pray in the mosque and deserted streets, four armed men broke into the home of a Christian family and kidnapped Shama, a 14-year-old teenager. years, reports Asia News. When the girl's parents went to Steel Town Police Station to report the kidnapping, the police refused to register the complaint.

"It was only after using the media that the police decided to investigate the kidnapping," said Baboo Masih, the girl's father.

10 years ago, Shama's family moved to Ghaghar to escape poverty. Before the kidnapping, Shama and her older sister Samina worked in a pharmaceutical factory where they regularly received threats from security guards.

According to the NGO Open doors, an organization that campaigns for the freedom of religious minorities around the world, in Pakistan "Christians suffer from dictatorship and Islamic oppression" and women are subject to kidnapping:

“The female population of all ages is particularly vulnerable. They are victims of kidnapping, rape, gang rape. Sometimes they are forcibly married to their captor and forced to convert to Islam. "

Sex with a minor is condemned and can carry the death penalty or a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison in Pakistan. But kidnappers can fabricate a conversion or marriage certificate to prove their innocence, says Kashif Anthony, the coordinator of the Catholic Commission, Justice and Peace atAsia News.

Abduction and forced marriage are common practices in Pakistan, Shama's case is similar to that of Nayab or of Shakaina Masih, other young Pakistani Christians kidnapped and forcibly married.

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