"Lord Jesus I bless you, how not to praise you": the Christian song that seduces TikTok

“When I look around me, I see your glory Lord Jesus, I bless you”. The Catholic song “How not to praise you? is enjoying growing success on the TikTok social network. It has been picked up by tens of thousands of users and is generating enthusiasm that goes far beyond Christians. 

"How not to praise you" is the Christian song that has recently become ultra-popular on the famous Chinese social network TikTok.

Indeed, it is impossible to escape this Catholic song when you connect to TikTok today. The title has been picked up by tens of thousands of users and appears in more than 93 videos posted on the social network, while the hashtag #commentnepastelouer now has more than 000 million views.


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♬ NeverSeen _ how not to praise yourselfrrrrr – NeverSeen


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♬ original sound – Sara Ellen

“How not to praise you
how not to praise you
How not to praise you, Lord Jesus
How, how
When I look around me
I see your glory
Lord Jesus, I bless you
How not to praise you, Lord Jesus
How, how »

If many Christians got caught up in the game, the title is also taken up by non-believers or even young people from other religions. "When you have this song in your head while you are Jewish and practicing", "When I have this song in my head while I am Muslim", can be read in various publications.

Thus, Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists… multiply the videos where they sing the song of praise with enthusiasm on social networks!


♬ original sound – nibs767


#TikTokFashion #tiktok #in the head #for you

♬ original sound – nibs767

The craze aroused by "How not to praise you" on TikTok is recent, yet the song is not new. On BFMTV, the priest Jean-Thomas Debeauregard explains that it has existed for “at least ten years”. It was composed by the priest Aurélien Saniko at the age of fifteen.

A success that delights him, he claims to have achieved his goal: "that everyone, atheist, Christian, Muslim, can find themselves and have the language of love".

Salma El Monser

Image credit: Tiktok

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