Letitia Wright proclaims her faith by receiving a new award: "I identify as a child of God"

  • 13th February 2019

This quote from Christine Caine keeps Chris Pratt on course

  • 11th February 2019

Royal visit sheds light on Christian association reaching out to street sex workers

  • 8th February 2019

For Matthew Slater, captain of the team that won the Super Bowl, nothing is more important than knowing Jesus

  • 8th February 2019

In turmoil after his "shock" statements, Liam Neeson reveals that he asked a priest for help to get out of the violence

  • 6th February 2019

"Everyone's life is precious": 14 million views for the plea for the life of Franck Stephens shared by Ashton Kutcher

  • 4th February 2019

"No Love Scenes": Actor Neal McDonough Loses Roles Due To Rule, But "Puts God And Family First"

  • January 11 2019

He scores against OM in the 83rd minute and celebrates his goal by announcing the Gospel!

  • January 10 2019

"You are enough and you are loved" ... And it is Madame Bieber who says it, because yes, Instagram is causing damage to the stars too

  • January 8 2019

Letitia Wright, 2018's Most 'Lucrative' Box Office Star, Gives Glory to the Lord, Publishes Verse from Malachi

  • January 7 2019

For Queen Elizabeth, sharing the gospel message "has never been so essential"

  • January 3 2019

Miss Universe 2017: "All the glory goes to my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ"

  • 19th December 2018