[Opinion] Bioethics bill: Deputies facing their heavy responsibility

  • February 17 2021

The extension of the abortion period to 14 weeks returns to the National Assembly

  • February 11 2021

Bioethics: Several thousand people gathered during the "March for Life"

  • January 18 2021

[Opinion] January 17, January 30-31: Two vital emergency appointments

  • January 15 2021

Bioethics: Invitation of the Catholic Church to four Fridays of fasting and prayer

  • January 14 2021

PMA: The Demonstration for All protests against the examination of the text in the Senate from the beginning of the year 2021

  • December 17, 2020

In France, 500 communities have obtained the Green Church label in three years!

  • December 11, 2020

IVG: Olivier Véran is "not sure" that the bill aiming to extend the period will be carried out "to the end"

  • 23th October

Legal victory of Lawyers for children against surrogacy

  • 16th October

[Opinion] Black Thursday at the National Assembly for the right to life

  • 9th October

The National Assembly adopts the bill on the extension of the period of access to abortion

  • 8th October

[Opinion] An interesting survey on abortion

  • 8th October