A giant statue of Jesus, the largest on the African continent, erected in Nigeria

  • 12th January 2016

"Killing God kills": A column by Virginie Tellenne in response to the front page of Charlie Hebdo

  • 11th January 2016

When religions create the trend, from "modest fashion" to Dolce & Gabbana

  • 10th January 2016

DNA test turns first man's story upside down, challenges theory of evolution

  • 8th January 2016

For Charlie Hebdo, God is a runaway murderer! The response ofInfo Chrétienne

  • 5th January 2016

Death of Michel Delpech: “Jesus entered my life, my heart. "

  • 3th January 2016

In Baghdad, posters urge Christians to wear the veil "like the Virgin Mary"

  • 3th January 2016

The founder of Femen in Brazil asks Christians for forgiveness

  • 2th January 2016

Slovenians say 63% NO to gay marriage in their country to defend the family

  • 25th December 2015

Christine Boutin fined € 5000 for saying: "Homosexuality is an abomination"

  • 19th December 2015

Nabeel Qureshi: "In search of Allah I found Jesus"

  • 10th December 2015

Hervé Mariton: "We must be careful that France does not lock itself into an anti-religious practice"

  • 9th December 2015