March for Jesus: 10 Christians gathered to proclaim the love of Jesus in Paris

  • 23th May 2022

Amid the floods, a young Brazilian praises God in the firefighters' lifeboat

  • 13th May 2022

Senior Pastor of Church in Nebraska Donates Kidney to Associate Pastor

  • 12th May 2022

In the United States, a mysterious Good Samaritan saves tenants from eviction

  • 10th May 2022

#OnEstEnsemble: Special program with Christian artist Dena Mwana

  • 10th May 2022

The InfoChrétienne team is looking for a work-study journalist for the start of the school year in September 2022

  • 5th May 2022

For Pentecost, dive "into the atmosphere of heaven" during a conference in Créteil

  • 4th May 2022

Israeli company lets you eat 'biblical protein' like John the Baptist

  • 3th May 2022

"In Jesus name": Katy Nichole's song goes viral on TikTok

  • 2th May 2022

A volunteer from the Little Brothers of the Poor will walk for 80 days to change the way people look at old age

  • April 26th

The French nun, Sister André, becomes the dean of humanity

  • April 25th

In Seattle, a homeless barber is giving away free haircuts to be 'a blessing to others'

  • April 21th