Singer Grégory Turpin is organizing an exceptional concert of praise on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower on January 18

  • 8th January 2020

Discover Un Noël jazz, Christmas jazz standards sung in French

  • 20th December 2019

A 3-centimeter miniature Bible, printed in 1570, auctioned at Christie's

  • 19th December 2019

"What is the child", the cover of Isabelle Boulay puts Jesus at the center of Christmas

  • 18th December 2019

Pentatonix featuring Whitney Houston, the cover of a cult song from the diva not to be missed

  • 16th December 2019

"I am Jesus", the new disturbing virtual reality game

  • 13th December 2019

A petition against the broadcast of a film with a homosexual Jesus on Netflix brings together 1 million signatories

  • 12th December 2019

“God bless America”, do you know the story behind the famous American anthem?

  • 11th December 2019

Do you know which is the most read verse in the year 2019?

  • 6th December 2019

Éric Célérier: "I pray that The Bible told by Billy Graham will be a great source of blessings for all"

  • 2th December 2019

Interview with Leader Vocal: "Our Promised Land is with Christ"

  • November 29, 2019

The Bible told by Billy Graham, bestseller in the USA now available in French

  • November 28, 2019