Cinema: The life, the fight, the works of a pastor adviser to American presidents, an ardent defender of racial equality

  • January 26 2022

Inauguration in Gaza of the remains of a restored church dating from the XNUMXth century

  • January 25 2022

With “The Snow Panther”, admire wildlife… without disturbing it

  • January 25 2022

Jews and Christians gather in Paris to pay tribute to the victims of the “final solution”

  • January 21 2022

Cinema: Trial by Fire, a film available in E-cinema screening this week

  • January 19 2022

The “Manuscript Bible”: A Collective Work, Testimony of Hope

  • January 13 2022

"Let's open the Bible" with the theologian Valérie Duval-Poujol 

  • January 12 2022

The fifth edition of the Father Jacques Hamel Prize rewards an article dedicated to Samuel Paty

  • January 10 2022

Celebrate the New Year with Saje Distribution

  • January 5 2022

What a life, Bernard Tapie!

  • 31th December 2021

Immersion: Behind the Scenes at The Chosen Series Premiere

  • 24th December 2021

Discover the first trailer for The Chosen with French subtitles!

  • 24th December 2021