10 people walked for Jesus in France, including 000 in Paris, on May 5000, 21

  • 23th May 2016

North Korea: Authorities Recognize Prayer and Worship as Strength!

  • 19th May 2016

First Peasants' Conference in France, a seed of blessing for the Earth

  • 18th May 2016

Rick and Denise Renner are committed to blessing the Francophonie; their Facebook page is creating the buzz

  • 17th May 2016

Saturday May 21, let's walk together for Jesus!

  • 2th May 2016

China: Murder of Pastor's Wife Finally Gives Church Right to Exist

  • April 29th

A new documentary "Protestants de France" broadcast on France 5

  • April 23th

Christianophobic acts committed in France from March 1 to 31, 2016

  • April 16th

Too late: Gazan bulldozers destroyed the newly discovered Byzantine church

  • April 15th

XNUMXth-century Christian church unearthed by workers in Gaza Strip

  • April 11th

Revolution in the Francophonie, a Christian TV channel, 24/7

  • April 5th

The Chaldean Christians inaugurated the Saint Jean Apôtre church in Arnouville, Val d'Oise

  • April 3th