'This is what we need to do': California church raises half a million dollars for Ukrainians

  • 6th May 2022

Sweden: End of an unprecedented strike within the Lutheran Church

  • 5th May 2022

“We feel responsible for each other”: In kyiv, a priest continues his mission in the heart of the conflict

  • 3th May 2022

Archbishop of Canterbury apologizes for 'terrible crimes' at Canadian Indigenous boarding schools

  • 2th May 2022

Diocese builds 386 homes for the homeless on church grounds

  • April 28th

More than 20.000 Evangelical Gypsy Protestants are expected in Nevoy in May for a rally

  • April 27th

Archbishop Laurent Ulrich appointed Archbishop of Paris

  • April 27th

Thousands of Orthodox Christians Gather in Jerusalem to Celebrate 'Holy Fire' Amid Tensions

  • April 25th

A church collapses on the faithful: "Thank God, no life was lost"

  • April 25th

Nice: A priest and a nun attacked with a knife in a church by an "unbalanced"

  • April 25th

Indonesia: Vice President recognizes 'important role' of churches 'in building peace and well-being'

  • April 22th

BUILDING the Life of a True Servant of God: A Virtual Conference with Pastor Miki Hardy

  • April 21th