The Handwritten Bible: What if you became a modern Bible copyist thanks to the Biblical Alliance?

  • 19th May 2020

A mass in the car brings together 500 Christians in Châlons-en-Champagne

  • 18th May 2020

Deconfinement: France's delicate game with religious freedoms

  • 15th May 2020

Christian leaders unite in participatory clip to draw closer to the heart of God

  • 12th May 2020

The CNEF takes stock of the health crisis for evangelical churches

  • 11th May 2020

The final of #OnEstEnsemble the live, tonight at 18 p.m., promises to be extraordinary!

  • 11th May 2020

#OnEstEnsemble the live: "We are together to seize his promise"

  • 8th May 2020

Christians multiply messages of support for the Christian Open Door

  • 8th May 2020

Fact checking: The stigmatization of the Christian Open Door and evangelicals

  • 8th May 2020

National deconfinement protocol: The organization of evangelical churches

  • 8th May 2020

Special live #OnEstEnsemble with the Christian Open Door at 18 p.m.

  • 7th May 2020

#OnEstEnsemble the live: "We are together to pray and seek his face"

  • 5th May 2020